Periodic inspection of steam boiler (re inspection)


According to Greek Government Gazette 2656/Β/28-09-2012, the re-inspection of steam boilers must be carried out by accredited Notified Body, with the responsibility of the owner, when the previous certificate has expired and when the steam boiler has been repaired or has the burner replaced.
Also, in Greek Government Gazette 2656/Β/28-09-2012, are set out the inspection procedures and the frequency of re-inspection of steam boilers, that is between one and eight years depending on the category the boiler belongs and its age.

ERGOCERT HELLAS S.A., being a Notified Body accredited by the Hellenic Accreditation System (ESYD) and having appropriate specialized and experienced staff, is able to immediately respond to the inspection of your steam boiler, with responsibility and credibility.

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