Periodic inspection of existing lifts


Periodic Inspection of existing lift is the inspection, by a Recognised Body, of a lift that is already in use and serves lifting and transportation needs of persons and cargo.

ERGOCERT HELLAS S.A. is an Inspection Body recognized by the Greek State that has the authority to implement periodic inspections and to issuing the suitability for use certificate.

According to the Greek Legislation and more specific to the Greek Government Gazette 1047/Β/2016, the existing lifts shall be audited/certificated by a Recognised Body and adapted to the safety measures of the new one.

The periodic lift inspection concerns the manager or the owner of the building which the installation of lift in use does not have a valid Certification of Suitability or at all.

The owner (administrator) of the building, where the lift is installed, has the obligation to assign to an Approved Inspection Body of his choice the periodic inspection and testing of the lift. The validity of the periodic inspection certification is between 1 and 6 years depending on the use of the building in which the lift is installed and operates.

The results of the inspection are recorded in the audit report, a form in which inspection findings are recorded. If the results of the inspection are satisfactory, then the periodic inspection certification, for lift use suitability, can be issued. In case there are non-compliances, restoration, repair or addition of new equipment is required, in order to achieve the harmonization of the lift with the currently applicable legislation stands.

Any interested person shall fill out a request form contracting ERGOCERT HELLAS S.A. to inspect the lift installation.
Since lift maintainer’s presence and contribution is necessary, our Notified Body makes the communication with him and after that, carries out the inspection. The presence of the building manager/owner is optional.

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