Inspection of petrol stations


For the purpose of complying with L.4439/2016, at the liquid and gas fuel stations are required :


  • Certification for L.P.G. tank (GOV 673/Β/1993)
  • Certification for lifting equipment (GOV 1186/Β/2003)
  • Certification for electrical installation (ELOT HD 384)
  • Certification for LPG tank (GOV1221/09),(GOV 477/1993)
  • Certification for AUTOGAS facility (DIRECTIVE 2014/68/ΕU)
  • Certification for every new metal liquid fuel station (GOV 119/2006) and (ΕΝ 12285-1:2003) or/and certification of periodic inspection for every existing tank (DPR 1224/81) and (GOV 19/2006).
  • Certification of leakproofness inspection for liquid fuel hoses (GOV119/06)


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