Initial inspection of steam boiler (first position for use)


According to Greek Government Gazette 2656/Β/28-09-2012, for the first position in use of a steam boiler, a certificate must be issued by an accredited Notified Body, as our company is.
During the initial inspection of steam boiler, the following audits are implemented:

  • Conformity audit in both facilities and steam boiler according to the requirements of legislation.
  • Identification, labeling and manufacturer’s plate check
  • Review of documents and technical certification file of the steam boiler.
  • Visual inspection of the steam boiler condition.

Where applicable, additionally the following may be required:

  • Inspection, functional test of steam boiler safety valve.
  • Inspection of hydraulic pressure test at (Bar) 1.5 x max operating pressure.
  • Operational audit of the boiler condition.

Project Details

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