Initial inspection of pressure equipment PED


Pressure equipment shall be understood as including vessels, piping, safety accessories and pressure accessories., with maximum allowable pressure of more than 0,5 bar above normal atmospheric pressure (gas tanks, steam boilers, L.P.G. tanks, heat exchangers, pressure equipment piping, AUTOGAS facilities, gas tanks, pressure equipment assemblies, etc).

According to the European Directives 2014/68/EU (Pressure Equipment Directive) and 2014/29/EU (Simple Pressure Vessels Directive), the inspection and CE marking of pressure equipment is compulsory in the case of marketing and legal use of it in the European Union.

The referred inspection of the pressure equipment is mandatory and is implemented at the request of the manufacturer / testator / user of the pressure equipment to a Notified Body, such as ERGOCERT HELLAS S.A (Notification number of Noti­fied Body-NB 2421) that is able to successfully undertake the conformity assessment of CE marking of every pressure equipment, according to above Community Directives.

According to the European Directives 2014/68/ΕU (Pressure Equipment Directive) and 2014/29/ΕU (Simple Pressure Vessels Directive), the inspection of welds, welding procedure certification and approval rating welder in all kinds of welding process are necessary for the pressure equipment.


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