Initial inspection of new lifts


The initial inspection of a lift is the inspection of new lift installation by a Notified Body, before putting into service.

The CE mark represents product’s conformity with the EU requirements. The CE marking shall be the declaration of natural or legal person who has installed it or is responsible of the installation of the CE mark insuring the product’s conformity with all relevant provisions.

The purpose of the initial inspection is the affixing of legal CE marking and uniform lever manufacturing and safety securing of new lifts in all EU countries.
The initial lift inspection is mandatory under the Directive 2014/33/ΕU of the European Union.

The lift installer and building owner or manager have the obligation to apply to a Notified Body of his choice in order to carry out the examination, inspection and testing of the lift.

ERGOCERT HELLAS S.A. is an Inspection Body recognized by the Greek State and Accredited, for following services, by the Hellenic Accreditation System (ESYD), and as well as a Notified Body in the European Union, with notification number NB 2421.
The company is activating in lifts inspections and certification having expertise, training, inspectors with experience and is renowned for the quality service, consistence and responsiveness speed’s validity and the operation throughout the whole of Greek territory.

ERGOCERT HELLAS S.A. provides the following services in the field of inspection and certification of new lifts installations:

  1. Conformity based on unit verification (annex VIII of the Directive 2014/33/EU). This procedure includes the examination of the design of the lift.
  2. Final inspection (annex V of the Directive 2014/33/EU) is applied to new lifts manufactured according to EC Type Examination representative model of the lift.
  3. EC Type Examination (annex IV of the Directive 2014/33/EU), where as a Notified Body ascertains and attests, through examination and tests, that the example of a lift and the technical documentation meet the requirements of the Directive.

The Common Ministry Decision No. 39507/167/F.9.2/2016 (Greek Government Gazette 1047/B/2016), which made the adaptation of Greek legislation to European Directive 2014/33/EU, provides the mandatorily implementation of one of the above mentioned inspection / certification processes for new lift, before putting into service.
The certificate of stability must be submitted to the country planning section of municipal authorities for authorization and registration of the new lift installation.

The maintainer of a lift shall be present when the inspection is carried out, and technically assists (with his expertise and technical means ) to carrying-out a full inspection / test and to intervene if something goes wrong.

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